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“Bzzz… Bzzz…. Bzzzzz,” I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. I was surprised to be getting a text, since it was 4 am on a Saturday, nevertheless I checked it. With sleep-ridden eyes I saw it was a call from my girlfriend Laura. “Hey Cesar, which building is yours, I decided to come surprise you but I don’t know which hall you live in?”

My entire persona made a U-turn from, sleepy to ecstatic as I told her I lived in Marion.  I hastily cleaned up my room, got dressed and brushed my teeth as to not let my sleeper’s breath ruin a perfect reunion. As I was getting ready the thought that we had drifted apart haunted me. Although we had kept close through phone calls, text messages, and facetime, the thought persisted.


Nevertheless, I jolted down the stairs, skipping steps to meet her outside where we embraced each other for the first time in a month. Unwilling to do anything but be together, we slowly strolled back to my dorm, with our fingers interlocked. Once there we decided to loaf around and talk about how much we missed one another and all the things we missed about each other. As we caught up with one another I noticed nothing had changed between us. We were still the same kids that met in kindergarten, became close friends in high school, and a couple by senior year.

Sunday morning, I resolved to show Laura around Salem. During our expedition we happened across a park, where we uncovered some benches. As we sat on the benches enjoying the scenery, we held hands and talked about our favorite places back home such as, Algonkian and Great Falls.  

Sadly though Sunday came to an end, and at 10 pm we began to say our goodbyes. Despite the goodbyes, I realized I didn’t just get to see Laura this weekend I got to see my 9th-10th grade crush, my 11th grade best friend and my 12th grade girlfriend. After a final parting kiss, she drove off and as I walked back to my dorm I realized my worrying had been for nothing, and no matter the distance we will still care for one another.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.