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            “Bzzz… Bzzzzz…. Bzzzz…” was the sound that woke me up. It was laura my girlfriend calling me at 4:00 a.m. She said, “Hey Cesar, which building is yours, I decided to come surprise you but I don’t know which hall is yours, so which one do you live in?” This was the best “wake up call” I have ever received. My mood changed from a very sleepy, cranky, and tired man to a happy man. My smile was extremely wide, so wide in fact that my cheeks began to hurt, my eyes were no longer chinky from just waking up instead they were wide open because I was really excited and due to the fact that I had just realized that my room was A MESS. So while I responded to her lovely surprise and gave her directions to Marion, I connected my headphones to my phone and talked to her as I cleaned my side of the room. I quickly shoved my shoes under my bed and I made sure all my clothes were in the dirty laundry pile.

Once she was finally outside of Marion she told me so I began to put some shorts on, yes shorts, since it was 6 in the morning and I had just woken up I was in the most comfortable pajamas known to man… BOXERS!!!  So I put on some cargo shorts changed out of my white undershirt and into a clean Pac-Sun original diamond shirt. Then after I was changed I quickly put my contacts on and I brushed my teeth because I couldn’t let my sleeper’s breath ruin a perfect reunion. Once I finished getting ready I ran downstairs to meet her on Market Street. She got out the car so I ran to her and I dug my head into her arms and did not move for 10 minutes all I heard her say was, “I’ve really missed you,” everything else was blocked out because of the shock and excitement I was experiencing. After I finally let her go of her I responded with, “I have also missed you.” Afterwards I realized she needed a parking permit so we drove to campus safety, were we got a parking permit so she could park for the weekend.

After we found parking, we walked back to my room fingers interlocked. When we got back to my room we just lied down on my bed and talked. The entire day we acted like a couple of sloths not getting out of bed except to have something to drink and eat, all we did was talk and watch Netflix.

Although we decided to break routine on Sunday and walk around Salem and head over the pond, where goose poop was all over the floor our fatigue got the best of us so we repeated our Saturday routine of cuddling, talking, and netflixing.

We did that until about 10 p.m. because it was getting late and she had a 3-hour drive ahead of her to make it back to Richmond tonight. So I walked her downstairs and to her car where we said goodbye. Although I was saying bye to her which was pretty sad, I realized I didn’t just get to see Laura I got to see my 9th-10th grade crush, my 11th grade best friend, and my 12th grade girlfriend. So after I kissed her goodbye and watched her drive off I walked back into my home in Marion 405.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.