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 Question #1:  What possible majors are you considering--and why?

Well right now my plan on what to major in is simple, I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. 

Question #2:  What, aside from your major, are your interests and abilities?

I am interested in becoming more involved here at Roanoke then i was back in high school. I am also a sports fan, my favorite sports to watch are basketball, football, and soccer. An ability I have is being bilingual. 

Question #3:  College is about change, including how we ourselves will change and grow over the course of four years.  How do you see yourself changing during your time at college?

I see myself actually doing my homework if not i will fail the class and that is a waste. Also i see myself really involved in school and volunteering as much as I can in school events and outside of school. 

Question #4:  Given how big of a step college is, it's very natural--indeed, some would say healthy--to have some uncertainties, some questions, some anxieties.  That in mind, what are some of the questions that you have as you begin college?  Be honest here:  what are the worries--large and small--that keep you awake in the middle of the night?Where do you think these uncertainties come from?  Are they good or bad?  Can they be used to your advantage in any way?  

 A worry that I have is definitely whether I am going to be able to succeed here. I believe this is a good feeling though because it gives me a chance to prove myself wrong. Although I have that small doubt, I do believe in myself. I think a little bit of doubt is good for me that way I can use it to my advantage and use that uncertainty to better myself and change things that i do not like, for example how my work ethic was in High School. 



 ^This picture represents something i did a lot of this summer. I went fishing in Great Falls National Park and caught a bunch of catfish. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.