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Welcome to Digication,

a new concept in educational software that is easy to master and simple to use. It has all the connectivity, file sharing and online publishing tools teachers and students want. Designed by educators to serve the core needs of teachers and students, Digication opens the lines of communication by combining elements of ePortfolios and learning networks. This software allows users to create a community that can learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom.


Work created by our learning community.

Eisabella Nichols thumbnail - click to view Eisabella Nichols
Last Updated 5 weeks ago.
Stephanie Shields - Psychology BS thumbnail - click to view Stephanie Shields - Psychology BS
Last Updated 2 years ago.
Mary Kelly's Education Portfolio thumbnail - click to view Mary Kelly's Education Portfolio
Last Updated 3 years ago.
CesarINQ110 thumbnail - click to view CesarINQ110
Last Updated 4 years ago.
Katie Madigan's INQ 110 thumbnail - click to view Katie Madigan's INQ 110
Last Updated 4 years ago.
Myles Cooper's Shenanigans at 'Noke thumbnail - click to view Myles Cooper's Shenanigans at 'Noke
Last Updated 4 years ago.
Renae Dower thumbnail - click to view Renae Dower
Last Updated 1 year ago.
Sample My Résumé thumbnail - click to view Sample My Résumé
Last Updated 4 years ago.
INQ 300 Whitt thumbnail - click to view INQ 300 Whitt
Last Updated 37 weeks ago.