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Week 13


We will proceed through the group in-class oral presentations until finished.


The last class is reserved for an individual meeting with me in my office (Bast 246) where we will discuss your class performance, the performance of your group members, insure that you have submitted all assignments correctly, and I can answer any questions about the course that you may have.


As there is no exam for this class, we're done.





The Oral Presentation is a well-rehearsed presentation of the team's collective efforts regarding their particular issue. It should be interesting; visually and aurally engaging. These things tend to be tedious to you and your listeners but they do not need be.


When you build your visual presentation (most of you will use PowerPoint I imagine) make sure to use more pictures than words. Again, emphasize the pictures and de-emphasize the written text. You will be speaking. Do not put many of those words on the screen. Rather, use images to hold our attention as you talk to us. No one wants to look at a screen full of words. 


Please use the insert file tool to insert your Oral Presentation file here


Save and publish everything, and each group member submit to our Digication INQ 300 course for grading.



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During many of our classes, you will be asked to work within your group to:

  • review the writing of your classmates;
  • create, schedule, and conduct a teacher interview;
  • design and deliver a final oral presentation to the class;
  • research and facilitate a class discussion of a current education topic;
  • find relevant research concerning a large issue in education.


All this activity requires you to work well with others and, indeed, it is a goal of INQ 300 that you have opportunity to benefit from the strengths of your peers while they benefit from yours.


The Group grade will be assessed not only by me but also by your peers. At the end of the semester meeting, during the final day of class, I will ask your teammates to individually assess your performance as a team member, using a scale of 1-100. You will be asked to similarly assess your teammates. I will use this assessment of your performance and add it to my own evaluation of your performance in class to comprise your Group grade:


1. Willing to help.0-25
2. Treats others with respect.0-25
3. Arrives consistently and on time.0-25
4. Tries to contribute to the quality of the group products.0-25
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.