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Week 3


This week, in class, you will have the opportunity to get feedback on your work so far. You might want to talk about your research, the quality of your sources, or your writing. Use your team and me to get feedback on your progress so far. You are also given time to research and write. 


Team 1 will facilitate a discussion regarding an Education Issue. Make sure you have read the articles they have posted on their Digication INQ 300 websites.



Issue 1




A week before Team 1 facilitates the discussion in class, they will complete the yellow table below in their e-portfolio. This means they must research ahead of us and link us to four online articles that comprehensively deal with the issue. Team 1 will insure that the articles comprehensively deal with the main arguments surrounding the issue. These articles will be written by people who are experts regarding the issue, either by education or by experience. Team 1 will then generate 7 questions which will form the basis of the in-class discussion.


During the week before Team 1 facilitates, it is your job to:

  • go to either of Team 1's e-portfolios (all our e-portfolios are listed in the course Digication page under e-portfolios)
  • copy the yellow table containing the article links and questions
  • paste the table into your e-portfolio for Issue 1
  • thoughtfully answer the questions to show you have processed the articles
  • save, publish, and submit your Issue 1 page to our Digication course assignment Issue-1 before we start class.

Now, about grading. Since their are 9 discussion teams, you'll submit 8 answer sets (3% each) throughout the semester and 1 facilitation set (6%) for a total of 30% of the course grade. I am only going to grade one of your answer sets. Because I choose the answer set I will grade randomly, you won't know which one I'm grading so you'll need to do them all. This practice insures that you read the articles before the discussion in class and it keeps my grading time to a minimum. Your answers will be graded using the following parameters:


Is your answer devoid of grammar and spelling errors?          0-25
Is your writing coherent, purposeful, and complete?              0-25
Does your answer demonstrate you have read the articles?    0-25
Does your answer indicate considered thought on the issue?   0-25

In class, Team 1 facilitates a 30-45 minute discussion regarding their issue. Since the class typically debates the issue, it is important for the facilitators to remain neutral. Their job is to insure that all members of the class get equal time to express their thoughts on the issue and to keep the class moving forward in their discussion. "Moving forward" means that we aren't saying the same things over and over, missing the whole point, following unrelated lines of reasoning, or one person is inordinately controlling the debate. Facilitators control who has the floor at all times and may call on people or terminate a particular line of conversation at any time. Facilitators will be graded according to the parameters below: 


Do your articles cover many sides of the issue?
Are the authors experts?
Do you effectively control the discussion in class?
Do your questions below require us to read the articles?

The education issues listed below are broad. The facilitation team will decide which facet, or conceptual lens, to examine. Once they have chosen an issue, it may not be used by another team.


1. The History of U.S. Education                     

2. The Purpose of Public Education

3. School Funding in the U.S.                           

4. U.S. Education vs The Rest of the World

5. Gender Equity in U.S. Schools                    

6. School Dropouts

7. Teacher Retention                                          

8. Teacher Preparation in the U.S.

9. Discipline in U.S. Schools                              

10. Alternatives to Public Education in the U.S.



Facilitation Team 1:                        Topic:
Link to article 1
Link to article 2
Link to article 3
Link to article 4



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.