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Week 9


This week Team 7  will faciliate a discussion regarding an Education Issue. Please make sure you have read the articles posted on their INQ 300 Digication websites.



Issue 7




Facilitation Team 7                         Topic:
Link to article 1
Link to article 2
Link to article 3
Link to article 4
Answer 1:
Question 2:
Answer 2:
Question 3:
Answer 3:
Question 4:
Answer 4:
Question 5:
Answer 5:
Question 6:
Answer 6:
Question 7:
Answer 7:


Next we will process, as a class, the group Teacher Interviews that you did and learn what teachers perceive regarding teaching in Virginia. Groups should come to class prepared to discuss their interview transcipts before you submit the Teacher Interview. I'll ask each group to present their findings to the class.



Lastly, you'll take the Quantitative Reasoning Test (again) which will be found listed in your Inquire sites on MyRoanoke.

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Teacher Interview


For this assignment the group needs to schedule and meet face-to-face with an area K-12 teacher of your choosing and interviews him or her to answer the questions below. To contact an area teacher please use the email address on the school's website or call them after school. Teachers are NOT available to speak with you during the day.


Teacher Name:

Teacher's School:


  1. What do you teach?
  2. Would you describe for us who you teach?
  3. What was your path to becoming a teacher?
  4. What did it cost you in terms of time, money, and effort to become a teacher?
  5. Why did you want to be a teacher in the beginning?
  6. What is great about being a teacher?
  7. What is hard about being a teacher?
  8. Do you plan on continuing to teach? Why or why not?
  9. What would you change about teaching if you could?
  10. Realistically, what is the greatest single challenge facing educators?
  11. What are the main factors getting in your way?
  12. What things do you try to teach that are not in your formal curriculum?
  13. What does Virginia need to do to increase teacher retention?
  14. What major issues do you perceive education in the U.S. is facing currently?
  15. What are your thoughts regarding the topic we have chosen to research?
  16. Team choice
  17. Team choice
  18. Team choice
  19. Team choice
  20. Team choice

Notice that the last five questions are generated by the group and need to be written above. The transcript of your interview should be placed above and submitted before the due date. Group members should have identical transcripts but each group member is responsible for submitting it.

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