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Top choices for classes next semester

1. (BLK  10) INQ 120 Lanscapes of Evil in Literature of the Fantastic:

Along with having a love of writing and story teling, I am absolutely facinated by psychology.  I always love figuring out the modives of the author when creating a story with a certain type of villian and a peception of evil.  Since I am aiming for a degree in either Creative Writing or Literary studies, I feel as though this sort of course will help me develope my own writing and come out with a better understanding of why we as a society are so focused on good and evil.  Or better yet, how we really define evil in the literary sense.  


2. (BLK 4) INQ 270-G4 Gender and Literature- GLOBAL:

I am and always will be a feminist.  I think that gender roles have a HUGE part in both society and literature all over the world.  I want to expand my knowledge on this topic in the worst way.  Again, with my love and interest of English and Psychology, a class that combines the two would be right up my ally. I saw another course like this one called Men, Women, and Monsters taught by Dr. Whiteside so if I am not able to take this (Gender and Literature) course, then I would be interested in maybe persuing this one in it's place.  

3. (BLK 3) ENGL 250 A American Literature: 

Since I ahev already taken a 240 course, why not move up to a 250?  English has always been my favorite subject by far, not only because I have a natural skill but becasue it's jus so interesting to me!  I love American classics and I would like to be able to study them more in depth.  A class like this seems like it would help strengthen my analysis skills  and also it would be beneficial to getting my degree in Literary Studies or Creative Writing.  After all, who better to learn from than the Classics? 


4. (Both are BLK 1) SPAN 102 A or 150 A:

I have a few questions about this because I am not 100 % sure which follow up Spanish course I should take.  I won't lie, Spanish is probably my least favorite class since I do not have a natural "knack" for it.  But, I need language credits and I'd rather get them out of the way sooner rather than later.  At the same time, it would be really practical in the "real world" if I actually spoke a second language (especially as prominant as Spanish) so I would like to at least have a little more than a basic understanding. Does that make sense?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.