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Once again, my name is Mary Kelly, I am a Roanoke College graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education. I graduated in 2016 and have since completed my student teaching in Roanoke, Virginia.


I am from New Jersey, but have spent the last four years in Roanoke going to school. I was involved in athletics, helped with volunteer and service opportunities, and was a part of clubs such as Students for Equality. I and am very involved in things relating to recreation and helping others both on and off campus. 


My experiences as a student athlete, the boss of a staff of 25+ individuals, and coaching have all really had a tremendous impact on my life as I completed student teaching. Not only that but my time spent volunteering, fundraising, and helping others continued to aide me in student teaching as well. My involvement in such activities has really shaped me as a person and made me into the strong woman I am today. 


Within my About Me page I have covered a variety of different topics you can read up on; such as information on my major, honors & awards, my time spent studying abroad, and volunteer opportunities I had.


Feel free to take a look around and discover who I am as a person outside of the classroom.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.