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Content is defined as a topic or subject with relative significance that is expressed through some medium. When it comes to Roanoke College's Education Goals, the Content category groups together goals related to your major discipline. Each of the four goals touch on the importance of your major discipline and your means of expression through your teaching styles and approach. 


Within these pages, you will find four different Education Goals and a variety of examples as to how I have personally managed to achieve these goals throughout my time spent as a student teacher and more. You will see that I know and use the central concepts, tools, and structures of the discipline within the classroom.


The goals covered include:


1.1 Communicate effectively (textually, orally, and visually).


1.2 Relate the importance of cultural perspective to the discipline.


1.3 Access, assess, and synthesize information from disparate sources.


1.4 Describe the important concepts from within the major discipline.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.