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Pedagogy is defined as the method and practice of teaching a subject area or theoretical concept. When it comes to Roanoke College's Education Goals, the Pedagogy category groups together goals related to your pedagogical practices. Each of the four goals touch on your ability to design effective lessons in order to ensure academic growth and understanding from your students. 


Within these pages, you will find four different Education Goals and a variety of examples as to how I have personally managed to achieve these goals throughout my time spent as a student teacher and more. You will find that I understand and develop compelling instruction that is appropriate to a wide range of learners.


The goals covered include:


2.1 Design instruction based on elements key to effective teaching.


2.2 Design lessons with well-aligned goals, objectives, instructional activities, & assessments.


2.3 Design lessons which effectively differentiate instruction.


2.4 Apply constructivist theory to teach and assess learning effectively.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.