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Roanoke College has an exceptional education program. Over the course of your four years here at Roanoke you will not just simply spend your time in a normal classroom setting. Roanoke makes it a goal to get you out into the field as much as you can in order to begin building experiences that you can then apply to discussions and matters back in the classroom. Throughout your time here you will spend countless hours observing different classroom settings, studying different teaching styles, noting classroom procedures, and getting first hand experience.


During the course of your undergraduate career you will spend a great deal of time gaining experience through Experiential Learning Opportunities. The idea behind it is that it is better to learn firsthand while providing service to members of the community rather than just talking about classroom management in the classroom. There are a variety of different opportunities. Some of the opportunities I have had have ranged from observations, to teacher aids, and even participating in a school lunch buddies program.


Before you graduate from Roanoke College you must complete a Student Internship. After graduation, you must then complete your Student Teaching. Roanoke will place you in either Roanoke County schools or Roanoke City schools in that time. Before completing Student Teaching you will then have had the experience of working in both city and county schools; understanding the differences between the diverse placements and the later. 

During my Student Internship I was placed at Roanoke County Schools. I interned at both an elementary school and a high school and spent a total of 150+ hours out at the schools.


During my time as a Student Teacher I was placed at Roanoke City Schools. I had the wonderful opportunity to work at two different elementary schools as well as a middle school. I spent a total of 450+ hours student teaching. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.