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Throughout my time at Roanoke College I was lucky enough to have a multitude of different instances where we learned how to be a good teacher and how to apply what we discussed in class to real life scenarios, through Experiential Learning.


There were many different opportunities over my four years in the education department that helped encourage me to continue down the path of becoming a future educator. These instances were all wonderful opportunities that were my very first experiences working with school children in a classroom setting. 

These opportunities varied in length an involvement. In some cases I simply observed classroom management, lesson plans, and student behavior; while at other times I was a lunch buddy over the course of a semester. In other instances I was a teacher's aide and helped with the lesson, while during other times I taught my own lessons to the students.


G.W Carver Elementary School: Salem City Schools


I taught an original Initiative Game, which later went on to be published by my professor and presented by myself and my peers at the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance State Conference. I taught lessons on Tennis, and was involved in a Lunch Buddies program for a semester.


Andrew Lewis Middle School: Salem City Schools


At the middle school I taught Fitness Stations that incorporated free weights and different exercises. I taught all three grade levels and worked with the teachers at the school to encourage the student's to continue exercising outside of the classroom.


Salem High School: Salem City Schools


At Salem High I, along with my peers got to teach a warm up for a Strengths and Conditioning class. After the warm up was over we shadowed the teacher and helped with the classroom activities he had planned.


Patrick Henry High School: Roanoke City Schools


Multiple times throughout the semester my class got to go in and work with an Adapted Physical Education class. The students in this class had disabilities that ranged in severity, but overall we observed and learned different activities and ways to include them in a regular classroom setting. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.