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3.2 Teach to accomodate the needs of diverse learners. 


What does this objective mean?

Every child is a diverse learner; no two students learn the same way. Diversity could come in the form of learning modalities and styles, IEP's, language acquisition, family background and demographics, personality, and even gender. Accomodating every type of learner within the classroom can only be achieved through modification tactics, including: explicit differentiation, group work, individual attention, resource services, use of images to convey meaning, and oral delivery of instructions or content material. 


Why is this objective important to teachers?

Teaching is not only about delivering the material, it is about forming relationships with students that allow for an exchange of information along the pathways of trust and open communication. Not only do teachers need to be aware of the diversity within their classroom, in order to establish trusting relationships they also need to show their students they are willing to work together to learn the information. By modifying instruction to meet individual students needs, the teacher will be more effective in the classroom and will be more likely to experience an enriching school year. 


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.