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3.4 Use appropriate technology to learn and teach. 


What does this objective mean?

As technology continues to inch its way into the daily lives of Americans, it is also beginning to gain a presence in the classroom. While the opportunities are huge, it is up to teachers to determine the appropriate technology, and uses of technology, for optimized learning. Technological tools and resources can be easily distracting, so teachers must utilize them appropriately in order to not only enrich the classroom experience, but also model responsible technological consumption for their students.


Why is this objective important to teachers?

Technology has a huge capacity to increase learning for students. Tools such as the internet for research projects, iPod apps to practice reading comprehension skills, or computer games to prepare for standardized tests all are effective instructional supports when used correctly. Technology also enables teachers to be more efficient, with resources such as microphones, document readers, and Promethean Boards which make instruction and feedback instant and easily accessible. With all of these possibilities, it is important teachers understand how to use their tools responsibly, so they are assets to education rather than distractions.


Supporting Documents 

Example from my student teaching


Example from my internship


Example from my class

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.