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As a means of introducing yourself to the class, please answer the following questions.  Feel free, in addition, to add any further information you feel is relevant.  


Finally, be sure to add a picture of yourself!


Question #1:  What possible majors are you considering--and why?

Response: I plan on majoring in Environmental Science during my duration at Roanoke College, why I have choose to major in this is truely because of a fantastic high school techer I had during my junior and senior years. She sparked my interest in this field, and pushed me to think more critically and analytically. My goal is to become an Environmental lawyer, and possibly work with with the EPA, or the IPCC.



Question #2:  What, aside from your major, are your interests and abilities?

Reponse:I'm a runner, I'm decent at it and plan to run track this year at Roanoke. I'm also big into politics, love hiking, and I'm sort of a self proclaimed music connoisseur of vairous genres of music. I'm teaching myself how to play the  banjo.


Question #3:  College is about change, including how we ourselves will change and grow over the course of four years.  How do you see yourself changing during your time at college?

Response:With this newfound "freedom," and "indepence" from our parents we have two choices once we get to college: You could either grow as a person, be open to new things, and strive to be the best at anything and everything you do . You could also be the the stereotypical college student who parties everyday, and loses sight of why they are there in the first place. I plan on improving myself, and learning from many intelligent individuals; I also want to be more of an advocate for myself, and try to get people in the professional world to know who I am.


Question #4:  Given how big of a step college is, it's very natural--indeed, some would say healthy--to have some uncertainties, some questions, some anxieties.  That in mind, what are some of the questions that you have as you begin college?  Be honest here:  what are the worries--large and small--that keep you awake in the middle of the night?Where do you think these uncertainties come from?  Are they good or bad?  Can they be used to your advantage in any way?  

Response: Some serious fears I have about college is whether or not I'll be successful, or was this the right school, and the biggest can I make it through this new period in my life. Even though these fears can hinder one in their quest for knowledge, I think they can motivate me and push to do well and not fail.


Here is a picture of me doing that running thing I enjoy, for some odd reason.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.