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Second Semester Courses 



1.) Elementary French II -  FREN 102 A

Instructor: Dr. Patricia S. Han
Block: 5 
Time: M/W/F 1:10PM-2:10PM 


- I'm taking this course because I have to take another language, but I think I'm slightly becoming more interested in the language. I may take a course on Frances culture in the following years.


2.) Environment and Society - ENVI 250 A

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Sarabia
Block: 3 
Time: M/W/F 10:50AM-11:50AM

- I'm taking this because it is required for my major, and it will give me more information on a field that I'm planning on declaring a major in. I believe this will give help me with my aspirations of becoming an environmental lawyer, since it will focuse on the ethics, politics, and societal issues. 


3.) Texts, Rhetoric and Media - RHET 125 B

Instructor: Dr. Robert D. Schultz
Block: 9 
Time: T/Th 8:30AM-10:00AM 

- I don't know if this is required for my minor, pre-law, but rhetoric is a huge portion of law, and taking a course that really focuses on it, along with writing skills and techniques, will be essential for me to grow as a writer, and be a persuasive writer and speaker.


4.) Thinking Animals - INQ 120 J2

Instructor: Dr. Valerie S. Banschbach
Block: 11 
Time: T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM 


- This course seems interestinng, and could help me make my decision on whether I should go down the science track or go down the societal track.



Other Choices



Elementary French II - FREN 102 B


Instructor: Dr. Patricia S. Han
Block: 6 
Time: M/W/F 2:20PM-3:20PM 



Citizen Zoologist - INQ 250BI A


Instructor: Dr. Rachel J. Collins
Block: 3 
Time: M/W/F 10:50AM-11:50AM 


Principles, Micro - ECON 121 A

Instructor: Dr. Edward Nik-Khah
Block: 10 
Time: T/Th 10:10AM-11:40AM



Introduction to Sociology - SOCI 101 B

Instructor: Dr. Kristi L. Hoffman
Block: 11 
Time: T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Prior to coming to your pre-registration meeting, I'd like you to take some time and think about the courses you're hoping to take next semester.  That in mind, please complete the following steps at least 24 HOURS before our meeting: 


1)  Go and look at the courses offered list for next semester.  Those can be found here


2)  Go and look at the descriptions of the INQ courses offered next semester.  Read the course descriptions very carefully, looking for courses that match your interests, your abilities, your curiosities, your life goals.  These can be found here (Go to the bottom of the page, under "Descriptions of INQ Courses"). 


3)  Spend a little time thinking about the major/majors that you might be interested in and perusing the requirements of that major.  These requirements can be found here.  


If you're interested in seeing recommended courses for a particular major for your second semester, click on the the "Second Semester Courses According to Major" link on the upper lefthand side of this same page.  


4)  Once you've done all of that, create a new module and make a list of your FOUR TO FIVE first-choice courses for next semester.  Include:

  • the course prefix (ENGL, BUAD, etc)
  • the course number
  • the section letter (A, B, etc.)
  • and the time when the course meets

5)  After each course, provide a brief explanation of why you've chosen that particular course.  Discuss not just the institutional requirements, but your own goals for your education and your future.  



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.