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Intro: This essay focuses on my XC and Track team, and how our friendships became somewhat strained due to a large amount of people in the group. It really focuses on having a tight knit group, full of true friends, rather than a small group full of aquantinces .


Why I chose this topic? I chose it because it was the 1st thing that popped into my head. So that little thought, and really just ran with it.






This I Believe


Myles Cooper





            I remember quite vividly of my first year on my schools Cross Country team, it was extremely painful. But that wasn’t the only thing. You see our teams were separated, boys team and girls, so we had little interaction with each other unless it was meet day, or we saw each other in class. It was extremely awkward. So when we all got the news that the girls coach was retiring, and guys coach was going to take over both teams we had no idea what to expect, so to help break the ice we held pasta parties before meets, and hung out with each other after races; during this period in time our team practically became family. These actions we took my sophomore year helped our team grow.

            This small athletic group, soon grew into a community once track season rolled around, on the bright it was great meeting a lot of new people but with this large community came a lot of drama, and cliques. In my opinion if cliques form in a large group, it is probably detrimental to the group itself; not only does it lead to people being excluded from but also it could ruin relationships along the way, due to people fighting within the clique.

So with each passing year the old cross country/track group became smaller, and smaller, and then just fell apart my senior year. Some of us remained friend, but a lot of us really didn’t like each other, even after we all graduated. It was kind of sad, but losing people you had good relationships is all a part of life.

So what do I believe? I believe that being a part of a group is fantastic, groups help you grow, and even meet people of very diverse backgrounds. But it is not good to be in a large group. Large groups are just too hard to maintain, and it is really due to the sheer number of people. It’s better to have a small circle full of true friends rather than a large circle full of acquaintances. This I believe. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.