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      Renae Dower



Renae Dower holds a Bachelor's of Art from Roanoke College. She has worked in many mediums and styles, including oil and watercolor, digital illustration and concept design, as well as sewing, pottery and costume design.

In 2014 she illustrated a book titled The Ought, written by Ned Wisnefske- a  story which anthropomorphises the idea of inherent things we as humans should, and shouldn’t do. The Ought is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


Renae is currently working on several concept design and illustration projects, including AVERNO, a series of musicals, books, music albums and a web comic set in the fictional Virginian town of Averno. https://www.instagram.com/avernotown/ 



Since 2010, Renae has danced professionaly with the City Modern Ensemble, a boutique modern ballet company out of Roanoke Va. She has performed and choreographed with the company, as well as being the production designer. Her performances include: Nick Cave's Join Me at the Center of the Earth- where she preformed in his famed soundsuits, We Inside of Me- choreographed by Jordan Kristen, several of the Roanoke Ballet Theatre's productions, and numerous City Modern Ensemble prductions.


Her art has been featured in several Biennial exhibitions in Olin Hall Galleries as well as the New Voice exhibition at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. Her works also reside in several private collections, including that of Roanoke College. 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.