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Completed Papers and Projects

 from Psychology and Neuroscience Courses


Principles of Neuroscience Lab

Dr. David Nichols, Fall 2013

  • Group Proposal.docx - Midway through the semester, lab group members had to collaborate on a proposal for a theoretical research project. My group proposed a study on whether exposure to salt could lead to recovery of function in frog leg neurons poisoned by tetrodotoxin.
  • Individual Proposal.docx - At the end of the semester, we had to create individual proposals for a thoeretical study. My proposed study aimed to answer the question "Is one genre or style of music better than another at relieving stress and inducing relaxation?" using EEG.

Research Methods

Dr. David Nichols, Spring 2014

  • PSYC 205 Proposal.docx - To gain more experience and understanding of research methods, we developed proposals for potential research studies as one of our penultimate assignments. I wrote a proposal for an EEG methodology study meant to investigate the factors that impact participant performance and artifact rates, which was modified and then carried out in the following three semesters.


Dr. Brian Shenal, Spring 2014

  • ASPD Paper.docx - To increase our familiarity with and knowledge of disorders, we wrote a paper about a fictional character and a disorder they may have. I wrote about Joe Carroll from The Following and suggested that he had antisocial personality disorder with additional diagnostic criteria for psychopathy (ASPD+P).
  • Video Games Paper.docx - For this paper, we had to write a proposal for a research study that included a proposed budget in order to reinforce our knowledge of neuropsychological concepts, improve our skills with writing proposals, and increase our awareness of budgetary concerns. I proposed a study on the impact of different video games on cognitive functioning in adults, specifically processing speed, mental control, episodic memory, and visuospatial processing.

  • Kuru.pptx - For this group presentation, groups presented a somewhat comprehensive overview of a disease to the class, and my group chose kuru, a transmissable spongiform encephalopathy.

Abnormal Psychology

Dr. Angela Allen, Fall 2014

  • SchizGenes Draft.docx - To both increase our knowledge of abormal psychology and our experience with writing literature reviews, we wrote reviews of research about a particular topic related to the course material. I wrote a literature review of recent findings regarding the genetic basis of schizophrenia.

Evolutionary Psychology

Dr. Lindsey Osterman, Fall 2014

  • Mini Study Report.docx - For this assignment, we selected from a list of options a miniature study related to theories of evolutionary psychology that we were to carry out and then write a report on. My study was on differential grandparental investment in childhood and reaffirmed findings of previous studies on this effect.


Dr. Charles Early, Spring 2015

  • Essay 1.22.docx - This initial essay was a general reflection on our thoughts on learning, what the most important things people can learn are, and how learning impacts our lives.
  • Essay 4.9.docx - This followup essay was a reflection on what our ideas about learning were as we neared the end of the course, what new insights we gained, how our views changed, and what impact the things we learned may have on our lives.
  • Article Critique.docx - For this paper, we had to read an article, summarize it, and provide a critical evaluation addressing several key points. I wrote about "Self-control techniques of famous novelists" by I. Wallace and J. J. Pear, published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis in 1977.

Drugs and Behavior

Dr. Angella Allen, Spring 2015

  • Antidepressant.pptx - Groups were assigned project topics that were related to drugs, and my group presented on the effectiveness of antidepressants, giving a summary of recent findings.

Neuroscience Seminar in Germany

Drs. Chris Korey and Michael Ruscio, Summer 2015

  • Com_Schuchmann.docx and Com_Grothe.docx - These are article commentaries written before departure summarizing the assigned paper, identifying two aspects of the paper that were difficult to understand, and posing a question to the paper's author(s).
  • Final_Berlin_FieldRecordings.docx and Final_Munich_Wulliman.docx - These are essays written for the take home exam answering questions posed about topics/articles covered in the course.

Social Psychology

Dr. Chris Buchholz, Fall 2015

  • SIMSOC Paper.docx - This essay was a reflection on the simulated society exercise known as SIMSOC carried out near the beginning of the course. We summarized what happened during the exercise and related it to concepts from social psychology in order to strengthen our understanding of terms and ideas.

Research Seminar: Neuroscience

Dr. David Nichols, Spring 2016

  • Proposal Draft.docx - This assignment was an individually-written proposal for the group project to be carried out over the course of the semester. The paper had to fit the submission format of a neuroscience journal.
  • SMS_FinalSemPaper.docx - This assignment was an individually-written write-up of the group project carried out during the semester. The paper had to fit the submission format of a neuroscience journal. My final paper was revised, submitted, and accepted for publication by the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education. (Link to JUNE Website)

History of Psychology

Dr. Chris Buchholz, Fall 2016

  • SMShieldsResume_PSYC390.docx / SMShieldsCV_PSYC390.docx / CoverLetter_PSYC390.docx / PersonalStatement.docx - In light of the career component incorporated into this capstone course, students were required to create resumes, CVs, cover letters, and personal statements after participating in specialized in-class sessions with a Career Services representative.
  • SMS_MockInterview.docx - For this assignment, we were required to send our resumes to Career Services along with a possible career for which a representative was to interview us. I asked for the mock interview to be for graduate school. We then had to write a summary of the experience with a discussion of what we could improve and what we learned from the mock interview.
  • Careers Paper.docx - The assignment was to write a paper about one or two careers you are interested in working in after graduation. I wrote about neuroscience PhD programs and working as a professor and researcher at a university.

Sensation and Perception

Dr. David Nichols, Fall 2016

  • SMS_ArticleSummary.docx - The assignment was to read a journal article relevant to material being covered in class, write a summary of the article, and present the article to the class.
  • PsyCog1_Reflection.docx / PsyCog1_Extension.docx / PsyCog2_Reflection.docx / PsyCog2_Extension.docx / PsyCog3_Reflection.docx / PsyCog3_Extension.docx / PsyCog4_Reflection.docx / PsyCog4_Extension.docx - For these assignments, we completed computerized simulations meant to demonstrate concepts related to sensation and perception and to show us what typical experimental setups may be like. We then had to write a reflection paper about one simulation and an extension paper about another. Reflection papers included a description of the experiment, a presentation of results, an examination of connections between the experiment and concepts covered in class, and an articulation of how the experiment impacted our learning. Extension papers included a presentation of results, an examination of connections between the experiment and concepts covered in class, and a proposal for how the experiment could be modified or extended to address a related concept.

*Note: Links to most papers have been removed as this portfolio is currently being used as an example for the Psychology Department. Documents available upon request by those interested in seeing writing samples.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.